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NMPA Diversity Mission Statement

The New Mexico Psychological Association (NMPA) encourages all psychologists to be cognizant of all issues related to cultural diversity and competence.  They also support organizational change processes within their association that address culturally informed organizational policy development and practices.  The purpose of this effort is to sustain attention to diversity objectives as well as to sustain changes in their policies and practices that work towards pluralism and inclusiveness – a mission of NMPA.  NMPA is committed to increasing leadership and membership sensitivity and knowledge on all aspects of diversity, and to increasing the multicultural effectiveness of practitioners, educators and policy makers.  Finally, NMPA works as a change agent supporting the acquisition of new knowledge through research to inform its members and other work environments of relevant issues related to diversity.

Specifically, NMPA seeks to develop and promote diversity initiatives within the association and throughout the state.  Through a Diversity and Social Concerns committee the following general initiatives will be undertaken:

1)  Increase the cultural sensitivity and competence of NMPA’s leadership and membership through appropriate assessment and training,

2) Develop and enhance sustained relationships with other professional organizations throughout the state that share NMPA’s value regarding diversity,

3) Develop initiatives that support the inclusion of all forms of diversity, and

4) Create greater diversity within the membership and leadership.

NMPA Official Statement Concerning Racially Targeted Acts of Police Brutality

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Regulations governing New Mexico psychologists can be found here:
New Mexico Administrative Code
Title 16, Chapter 22
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